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Our experienced, professional team of stylist are committed to hair care and are current with all the latest styles and trends to provide you with your best look.

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Facial Services
Brows $10.00
Lip $5.00 +
Chin $8.00 +
Cheeks-Jawline- Neck $15.00 +


Lashes Install

Strips $25.00 Set w/o install $12.00

Classy Classic set $150.00

Classy Classic set refill $65.00+


Tinting Brows $20.00 +


Deep Conditioning $7.00+

Carbon Tea Tree System  $25.00+

Caramel Treatment  $85.00+

Reconstructive Conditioning $25.00+

Olaplex $25.00+

Protein Treatments$15.00+

Smoothing System $100.00+


Basic Services

Wash & Blow Dry $25.00+

Wash & Style $50.00+

Press & Curl $60.00 +

Updos & Styling $70.00+


Hair Cuts

Trim $15.00+

Style Cut $25.00 +

Clipper Cut $25.00+


Baylage $145.00+

Demi $70.00+

Fantasy $180.00+

Highlights $100.00+

Ombré $125.00 +

Permanent $90.00 +

Touch-Up $75.00+

Toner $25.00 +


Extension Services

Per track Bonded $7.00 Sew-in $15.00

Caps $90.00+

Partial Sew-in $90.00

Basic Full Sew-in $150.00

Full Sew-in w/ Closure $195.00+

Full Sew-in w/ Frontal $250.00+

Extension removal $25.00+

Maintenance $70.00+

Lace Closure Unit $185.00+

Frontal Unit Construction 250.00+


Micro- link

***price includes hair***

Partial link- $650.00 Full link- $850.00


Chemical Services

Virgin Relaxer $85.00+

Touch-Up Relaxer $70.00


Braid Services

Kids Braids $45.00+

French/ Feeding / Specialty Braids $60.00+

Individuals $150.00+

Crochet $115.00+

Starter Locs/ Coils $85.00+

Loc Maintenance $85.00 +

Please note the following:
***Prices may increase based on consultation***
*** While we love our child clientele our salon policy strictly prohibits unsupervised children. Children 13 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when serviced. Our salon is not child proof, chemicals, sharp objects, glass or metal, hot styling tools, etc. present a potentially dangerous environment for young children.
Styles of Elegance and any employee will not be held responsible for unsupervised children. As a result, we kindly request ONLY those minors receiving services be present. If you are unable to comply with this policy you will be asked to reschedule your appointment.
Please contact the owner or Management if you have concerns or questions about this policy. ***